Welcome to the world of the ADDmirable Woman.  She is a marvellous, adaptable, intuitive, sometimes quirky, but always persevering,

one-of-kind woman!


                                                                         WOMEN AND ADD

Do You suffer from ADD, (Another Disastrous Day) syndrome?

Overwhelmed, overextended, and feeling like you can never catch up to your own life?  Take a deep breath, exhale, and smile, because help is on the way!

You are in a safe place created just for you.  Here you can learn, grow, and ask questions you felt you couldn’t ask anyone else. You won’t find criticism or judgement,  just all the support and tools you’ll need to make the changes you want in your life.  And I’m betting that along the way, you’re going to meet your best self. 

Stay as long as you like, take what you need, and if what you need is to go off and process what you’ve learned, then by all means do so, and come back when you’re ready for more.  Welcome Home!


You are in the right place if:

  1. Bullet  You feel as if ADD really stands for Another Disastrous Day!

  2. Bullet  You would like to learn more about this unique bit of brain wiring.

  3. Bullet  You would love some ADD support strategies for navigating your day - and your life!

You May Be An Addmirable Woman If...

  1. BulletYou are frequently running late, for work, for social events, or for an appointment -

    but most likely you forgot you even had an appointment.

  1. BulletGetting out of the house for anything is an olympic event.

  2. BulletIt’s not unusual for you to run back into the house 2, 3, or 8 times before you’ve even made it out of the driveway (I tell people I’m not really gone until at least 20 minutes have passed without me coming back into the house).

  3. BulletYou seem to spend an enormous amount of time every day looking for things you know are right there. You can’t find your purse, car keys, or even your car if you actually made it to that appointment and are now standing at the edge of the parking lot. 

  4. BulletYou have more projects on the go than Home Depot on a Saturday afternoon, and although you may be able to do them, and others may be able to help, rarely do you actually complete any.

  5. BulletYour To Do lists are prodigious, impressive, and tacked up everywhere.  But you lay awake at night tormented by all the things that didn’t get crossed off.

You are an ADDmirable woman if:

  1. Bullet You are a woman who has (or feel as if you have) ADHD

  2. Bullet You are married to someone with ADHD

  3. Bullet You have children with ADHD

  4. Bullet You strongly suspect everyone around you has ADD, and you’re the only normal one!

If you answered “yes’” to any of the above, welcome home.  You are in good company.  It is estimated that well over a million remarkable women around the world would be able to answer “yes” to all of the above!

ADD is a remarkable bit of brain wiring, and once you understand how it works, 
it can give you a remarkable life!

ADD 101:

A quick look at what this ADD thing is that everybody’s talking about.

What does ADD mean?

     ADD stands for Attention Deficit Disorder.

What does AD/HD mean?

     AD/HD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

And the difference is?

    Not much - you will hear both lay people and professionals using 

    these terms interchangeably.  The AD/HD term is used most often

    when referring to someone who appears hyperactive.  The ADD

    term can be used to describe the easily distracted, day dreamy


So what exactly is ADD?

    If you have ever heard someone refer to ADD as being “All in

    your head” - they would be right.  It is in your head; mostly in the

    prefrontal cortex to be exact.  The ADD brain actually looks

    different from the non ADD brain. 


Give an ADD person and a non ADD person the same task (especially a boring one), and PET scans will show the brain lighting up in very different ways, and places.  ADD is most often referred to as unique brain wiring.  Notice the neutral words and tone here.  There is nothing “wrong” with the ADD brain.

The ADD brain is not broken.

    Unique - yes, broken - no.  Although, sometimes it can leave 

    you feeling at the end of the day like you are. One look at how few

    things got crossed off your To Do list can leave you asking,

    “What is wrong with me!?” Actually, nothing is wrong at all.

    The ADD brain is a remarkable gift, and once you understand how 

    it works, it can give you a remarkable life.


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Did you know that the average age of diagnosis for women with ADD is 38!?  That’s a long time to feel out of step with the rest of the world and not know why.  If you feel like you march to a different drummer, take heart, you are in good company.
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